positive change

Leading with radical honesty with oneself and others enables sustainable work cultures, where everyone feels encouraged to bring all their talents and perspectives to the table.

This is where authenticity is born – when what you feel, think, and believe matches. When what is expressed in your words truly reflects in your actions. Authenticity is not an excuse or alibi to stay in your comfort zone – it is the true quality of respecting yourself and others. This self-awareness and inner flexibility open a path to adapting and evolving together, achieving high performance and results independent of external circumstances. We help leaders find their authentic leadership, reclaim their inner spark and ignite the fire of positive change.


Authentic leadership carries individuals, teams, and organizations to overcome any challenge. Through our work, leaders create environments that offer a truly human experience - one beyond rewards and recognition. As a result, their organizations become resilient, and their communities and business thrive independent of changing circumstances.


Deeply integrated into the unique environments of our clients, we look under the surface of things. We tailor every approach to the needs of the organizations, teams, and individuals. Applying our 5 Principles of Conscious Leadership, the 5 Steps of Cooperation and the 5 Ways of Cooperation, we aim for the most effective and efficient solution.


Through conversation, reflection and cooperation, we define your authentic leadership strategy. We help to uncover issues, propose solutions, and inspire action. We are the strategic thought partners who enable leaders to seek out different perspectives – and together, we find and structure meaningful new approaches to a challenge.

5 Principles of Conscious Leadership

Through acquiring self-awareness as a starting point, a leader/leadership team can move to self-development, removing unwanted limitations, and experimenting with new approaches and behaviors. By avoiding the default and learning from experiences out of the comfort zone, our clients gain self-confidence. Repeating this level of honest introspection whilst experiencing the results and positive change leads to empowerment, maturity, and self-realization. The further we deep dive on purpose and legacy, the more we experience a true sense of fulfillment and success.

5 steps of Cooperation



Represents analysis of the leader’s as-is situation, analysis of the team, organization, performance, and wider business environment depending on the client’s needs.



Includes high-level understanding of the leader’s/ teams’/organizations’ natural preferences and traits; understanding of the motivators and way of working in the context of their unique environment.



Offers a granular review of a specific area or challenge, such as team culture, strategy, change management, communication, marketing, etc.



Our customized strategy and actions plan is composed of comprehensive recommendations and next steps.



We offer support with implementation and metrics based on request.

5 Ways of Cooperation

Our approach is not conventional. Our clients don’t choose us for the type of support we use, it doesn’t define our cooperation. We define the right approach based on the tailored need. We listen, we analyze and only then we recommend.