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Leadership starts with leading in your own life

By: Dana Poul-Graf, Founder & Strategic Thought Partner, Key&Spark

In the middle of last year, some of our clients in various parts of the globe started to experience health challenges. Previously health had rarely appeared in our conversations. 

With all of this, I felt the need to educate myself in health management so that we in Key&Spark can stay true to our promise and support leaders holistically, from all aspects needed to sustain their performance: health, intellectual and emotional well-being counted in. 

The health management solution I was looking for had to comply with the following criteria to fit our clientele:

👉Suitable for different age groups and all levels of fitness 

👉Science-based, proven method

👉Efficient, practical, and with minimum time investment from the clients

I found 10x, and fell in love with it.

My results after testing the 10x program and practicing myself for three months 

- 3% of fat

+ 700g of muscle

+ 30% strength

Time invested in workouts.

2 x 15min per week.

Crazy, right?

I achieved these results despite a 2-week break due to health reasons and starting from a very healthy range of body fat, working out regularly and caring for healthy nutrition before I started 10x.

Additionally, I identified a health challenge that I was completely unaware of and because of 10x I caught it early on. I could address it immediately and mitigate the risks. I strengthened my body-mind connection through a re-awakened old injury – I didn’t give up on my 10x workouts, it just wasn’t an option. Instead, I listened to my pain and adjusted the circuits to fit my needs.

I’m hooked for life and happy to call myself a certified 10x coach, having completed the program with the first group of people in the world.

I couldn’t do pull-ups even during my 20-ties when I religiously spent 3 times a week 1,5 hour in the gym. Check this out!

What is in it for my clients? 

  • A vast amount of science-based knowledge and resources on health
  • Science-based effective exercise that will  help you retain a high quality of life 
  • Choice to work out at home or in the gym
  • In-person or online health and exercise coaching

10x approach works for anyone with a human body who understands that learning something new requires a bit more effort at the beginning, that results don’t come overnight, and a good level of discipline is a must.

Authentic leadership stays the primary focus of Key&Spark and my passion. However, no authenticity or high performance are possible when you are hurt or sick. 

Are you tired of being tired? Are you done hiding the eating habits that make your body sick? Are you done avoiding the mirror?

Buckle up to get into your best shape, be the leader of your life and sustain your performance in business and beyond.

And if you are happy with your health, fitness and esthetics - what is your secret?